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“What’s Next?” Why Innovative Logistics Experts Invest in Smart Warehousing Technologies

Posted by Danny Rimkus on Dec 15, 2017 3:50:37 PM

The rate at which technology has developed over the last ten, thirty, fifty years has been nothing short of astounding. Much has happened since the days when a 9-inch color television was enough to invite over the whole neighborhood. The days when phonelines were our only means of home or business connectivity. The days when even the most basic personal computer was a behemoth, requiring two or three grown men to offload it from a truck into a home or office.

These days, technology has come so far along that the computers may soon be the ones unloading the trucks. And in fact, the industry has already witnessed road tests of self-driving cargo trucks hauling freight across the country. And while this sort of wide-eyed futuristic technology often seem to be perpetually relegated to a testing phase, we are absolutely seeing Jetsons-esque technology begin to slip into reality. And more importantly, we're seeing subtle, effective technologies that not even works of fiction could have predicted.


Computer from the 1950’s, Bendix G-15                               

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