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Gummy Bottling: Ultimate Guide

Posted by Molly Rimkus on Feb 14, 2022 2:24:24 PM

It took a long while before the gummy bear market became a global instead of regional success.

The first gummy bear candy as we know it was not created until 1960. And the American consumer market didn’t embrace gummy candies until the early 1980s.

And ever since then, the gummy market, like candy or chewable medicinal and vitamin-infused products, has only exploded. The global gummy industry was worth over $16 billion in 2020.

The point is that if your company is selling gummy products, then you know branding and bottling aesthetics are everything. Your gummy bottles represent your brand. Your gummy bottles need to reassure consumers of your security and product integrity standards.

And most of all, your gummies need to be bottled in a way to protect their inherent flavor and quality.

So, here is a rundown of the contract packaging services of Dynamic 3PL and why you and your consumers need us to bottle your gummy products.

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Gummy Bottle Colors, Container Shapes, and Bespoke Designs to Specifications

Dynamic 3PL is an industry-leading logistics solution provider for warehousing, transportation, and contract packaging of consumer goods in state-of-the-art clean rooms. 

As a top-level contract packaging provider, Dynamic 3PL offers numerous packaging options and physical design strategies for pharmaceutical products designed for humans and even nutraceutical products intended for animal consumption. 

And one of our widely requested services is for our gummy bottling logistics.

Our clients can also choose from various bottling materials from which to manufacture containers. Such materials include but are not limited to traditional PET or HDPE or even new and burgeoning eco-friendly and self-sustaining materials. And our clients can order square, oblong, round, or bespoke design-shaped containers for their gummy bottling needs.

Here is a listing of Dynamic 3PL’s proprietary contract packaging services available to our clients.

Snap-lock and Screw Closures

Dynamic 3PL can provide clients with bottle containers featuring snap-lock closures or screw-on tops. Our snap-lock and screw-on tops are tamper-resistant, as per regulatory guidelines, and tamper-evident before initial opening for safety.

Tamper Evident Plastic Neck Bands

Dynamic 3PL’s tamper-evident shrink bands can be custom designed to wrap the necks of our client’s gummy containers. And while our heat shrunk container neckbands are regulatory compliant, they can only serve a host of other functions for clients in need of gummy bottling services.

Tamper evident, heat shrink neck bands for consumer bottles, whether in gummies or pharmaceutical products, are usually required by federal regulations. Along with exhibiting the protection integrity of the product, tamper-evident neckbands also aesthetically reassure the public of product security. 

Tamper evident, plastic neckbands on bottles prevent the opening of bottles without apparent signs of tampering. Once the tightened, heated seals of tamper-evident neckbands are broken and torn, they can’t be resealed. In 1982, multiple Tylenol pain reliever medicine containers were tampered with and laced with deadly cyanide

Seven random people who bought the bottles were killed, and the perpetrators were never caught. This incident spawned the later widespread industrial adoption of heat-shrink neckbands on products to reassure consumers of the product’s integrity and safety. So, whether it be headache medicine or gummies, tamper-evident neck banding is a must.

Tamper evident plastic shrink bands can also be featured in any color or match the branding aesthetic of the client. Consumers respond financially to established brands, especially ones that aesthetically stand out. So, why not coordinate the design and colors of your gummy bottle’s neckband to enhance your brand’s visibility?

Tamper evident plastic shrink bands can also be used to enhance the integrity of a gummy bottle’s snap-lock or screw-on top closures. The neckbands can help ensure that the tops don’t come off or become damaged while in transit.

And tamper-evident plastic shrink bands can be used to conceal the product’s fill line in their container strategically. Most consumer containers, wherein bottles, boxes, or pouches, are filled according to the product’s volume size and not its weight. And variabilities concerning mass could mean that gummy amounts of differing sizes could weigh the same amount relative to packing volume requirements.

Sometimes the visual fill line as seen in transparent containers can give consumers the mistaken impression that their container is “underfilled.” But the strategic placement of tamper-evident plastic shrink bands can solve this issue.

Neckband Printing

Dynamic 3PL can also offer neckband printing services for the packaging of your gummy products. The data printed on tamper-evident neckbands are usually “best if used by/before” or “sell by” information.

As the product manufacturer, you know how long the flavor or quality of your gummies will stay optimally fresh. So, you can share such data with us so Dynamic 3PL can print quality freshness dates on appropriate batches of products when they are packed.

Or we can print “sell by” calendar data on the necks to coordinate with retail outlets and stores that need to manage inventory turnover after display.


PET Containers

Dynamic 3PL can package your gummy products in eco-friendly containers made of polyethylene terephthalate, which is also known as PET or PETE containers. PET is a kind of lightweight plastic that can be recycled an indefinite number of times. 

In other words, PET bottles can be indefinitely recycled to make more consumer-grade containers and bottles. So, If you want your gummy products to be packaged in transparent bottles or containers, PET may be your best option.

It is an eco-friendly plastic in the sense that if it is indefinitely recycled, then it won’t be in a landfill taking 450 years to biodegrade.


HDPE Bottles

HDPE, or High-Density Polyethylene, are usually opaque white plastic bottles that are the industry standard for pharmaceutical packaging. Headache medicine, medicinal gummies, and pharmaceutical products are typically made out of HDPE.

Manufacturers value HDPE plastic jars, bottles, and containers for their high durability and chemical resistance. HDPE containers protect products from mildew, mold, and rotting. While PET is lightweight, HDPE is more durable and designed to contain products for more extended periods. 

HDPE is resistant to UV light. And HDPE is very affordable and eco-friendly for use in manufacturing. 

And depending on the process in which it was manufactured, proprietary eco-friendly HDPE consumer-grade bottles can decompose in under a century. Otherwise, traditional HDPE containers can take centuries to decompose.

Dynamic 3PL is the logistics solutions leader for supply chain, warehousing, transportation, contract packing services, and more.

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