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Strengthen Company Culture in Four Simple Steps

Posted by Danny Rimkus on Aug 16, 2016 9:58:04 AM


Culture does not merely refer the mood of your office. It is an underlying force that may very well guides the long-term success of your business. Strong company culture engenders confidence in those seeking out your business, and here are a few simple steps necessary in achieving this:

  1. Define. Establishing a firm set of fundamental business philosophies is key. Clearly defining these core beliefs will help your workplace understand the professional attitude and conduct expected on the job. Calm and respectful behavior may seem like common sense, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to verbalize these specific expectations in a clear, direct way.
  2. Align. Applying these expectations across every level of your business is also important. When it comes to the culture of your business, no team member should be exempt. One bad egg can be enough to spoil office atmosphere for the whole team. There is a certain flow to workplace efficiency. Attributes such as temperament, attitude, and enthusiasm help maintain this flow. When every team member and department is familiar with the company’s core values, you run into fewer distractions and can get on with your daily workflow. This means higher productivity and heightened morale among your team.
  3. Reinforce. Of course, not all frustration starts from within. Sometimes a client, partner, or vendor may develop a habit of dropping bombs on your team at unfavorable moments. It is preferable that you choose to associate with businesses which reflect a similar set of values to your own. Obviously, when a lucrative opportunity presents itself, you can’t quite know for sure how smoothly or problematic things will end up going. However, reinforcing your core set of values during business correspondence with your associates can rub off on both parties and help to improve communication and cooperation. In an industry full of finger-pointers, it displays strength and respect to assume the role of problem-solver.
  4. Examine. It is important to really observe and measure how much this encouragement is resonating among your staff. A quick memo isn’t always going to do the trick. Periodic assessments across each department allow you to receive feedback and examine the effectiveness of your messaging. Additionally, keeping your door open to your staff’s thoughts and concerns on an individual basis is an optimal method of keeping in touch with company culture.

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