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Five Dynamic Team-Building Strategies

Posted by Danny Rimkus on Apr 28, 2017 12:37:27 PM


1.) Become Acquainted with Teammates - In the traditional business world of departments and cubicles, it's sometimes too easy for a new staff member to slip in silently and become frustrated with a lack of helping hands to help them get started. Taking the time as a manager or co-worker to reach out and converse with the "new kid" can help to create a welcoming office culture as well as encourage a communicative working operation. Of course, this is not only limited to new members of a team. Long-standing employees can become enigmatic as well, and it’s always thoughtful to provide opportunities for these individuals to speak their minds.

2.) Clearly Define Responsibilities - Any business that's ever experienced growth can tell you that there is an evolution of roles that occurs as new variables enter the picture. An initial job description cannot always account for the unique requirements that new customers may present over time. It's important for a manager to periodically examine these shifts and call for meetings to discuss these responsibilities and lay out clear roles moving forward that put to rest any potential intra-office disputes. Simple spoken agreements between co-workers are certainly nice and speak to a mature professionalism among the team, but even so it's important for a manager to give their team members the floor and put pen to paper on such matters.

3.) Offer Constructive Feedback - When something goes wrong in business, it can be frustrating for many parties. However, it is important to keep in mind that frustration may weigh no less in the mind of the person responsible. Loud, angry, knee-jerk responses sometimes get the better of us as human beings, but such reactions are truly counterproductive. Criticism must be voiced in order to ensure operations are more carefully conducted in the future, but the emphasis is best aimed at understanding and less on scolding. If worse comes to worse, this is a professional environment, and those behaving or performing unprofessionally will be removed sooner or later.

4.) Reward A Job Well Done - Telling somebody what they are doing right doesn't always come to mind, but it is a vitally important motivator for the human mind at work. One of the most important factors of career satisfaction is an acknowledged sense of contribution. The most well-run pet store in the world isn't going to make headlines until it catches fire. It seems to be in human nature to interpret a job well done as a job done normal. It's important for a company to take a step back once in a while and acknowledge the wonderful accomplishments of the team.

5.) Form a Pleasant Work Environment - Sometimes the little things go a long way. Choosing a random Friday to go pick up pizza or sandwiches for the staff. Seasonally decorating the office for holidays. Promoting fun little contests among employees. Providing a means of listening to music throughout the work day. Installing adequate lighting and comfortable office furniture. Providing headsets for those performing countless phone calls. Hiring a competent cleaning crew to keep workspaces tidy. These quality of life solutions should be calculated carefully into a budget, of course, but can ultimately see your workplace's culture to a brighter, more productive future.


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